Photographer Hannah is one of our main travelers.  If your nuptials are taking place inter-island, Hannah is our go-to.  She has an incredibly photojournalistic way of shooting, which is perfect for intimate elopements like this one...ones that take place without any friends or family attending...those friends and family who are only able to get a glimpse into the day by way of photography.

"Chris and I just wanted to say thank you so much! Hannah was AWESOME! She was so sweet and helpful in more ways than just a photographer. We were a little worried about getting married without any family or friends with us but Hannah totally filled that void and reassured us both. It was nice to feel like we had someone on our side and it was so helpful to have her helping me get ready! 

She showed us some of the photos she took and they are absolutely gorgeous! Although we had switched to the beach, Hannah knew that we really had our hearts set on some pictures in the forest and she went all the way out there with us after the ceremony, mud and all. We are so happy that we chose y'all as our photographer and that we were able to work with Hannah and yourself. Thank you 1000 times again! 

With Love, 

Katie and Chris"