Kelilina is derived from the Hawai'ian version of Sheri Lynn.  It is a nod to the paradise in which I found my calling.  This 'aina /this land/ has blessed me in countless ways and I am fortunate to capture its awesome beauty.   

Our style is an artistic photojournalistic way of shooting.  While creating unique, beautiful and dramatic pieces of art, your day will unfold before us like a story, as we discreetly capture the most candid moments - a hearty laughter, a tearful yet happy eye - and the moments you may have missed yourself.

We are a team of photographers and filmmakers, of whom you'll probably become friends with by the end of your day.  And though we may have just met, you can count on a certain one of us to tear up during your father's toast /it's happened more than once/!

On your journey in planning the perfect day, the most important part is that you are comfortable enough with those involved that you'll be able to relax + enjoy your day.

We strive to be just that.

-Sheri, Phil + the entire Kelilina team