Phil + I met in Kona.  We became friends, worked on a boat together, fell in love, went on a date, got engaged, became husband + wife, his dogs became our dogs, we had a kid, we had another kid.  Our life together is awesome.  We're one of those couples that are together 24/7...almost...he likes to golf, I like to get massages.  Working together is so much fun though and it's refreshing to be professionals together for a few hours, then joke around on the way home.  Parenting is hard sometimes, but we have two great kids /babies/, Walter is 2.5 years, Adeline is 13 months, and Baby #3 is coming this winter!  We love our families, the ocean, laughing, Notre Dame football, the Canoe House restaurant, being at home /when our kids are in a good mood/, Game of Thrones, boating, white wine /Sheri/, scotch /Phil/, teaching our toddlers how to play basketball, traveling and Chicago-style deep dish pizza.