Since Kelilina got it's start on the Big Island in 2006, the photography company now has stretchmarks from its 11-year growth. Going from a one-woman, photography-only show in Kona, the company now includes multiple photographers and editors as well as a videography and filmmaking team.  Currently servicing the entire Hawai'ian island chain, future plans will bring Kelilina to the mainland as well, branching along the East Coast.

P H I L + S H E R I

videographer/filmmaker + owner/photographer

Phil + I met in Kona.  We became friends, worked on a boat together, fell in love, went on a date, got engaged, became husband + wife, his dogs became our dogs, we had a kid, we had another kid.  Our life together is awesome.  We're one of those couples that are together 24/7...almost...he likes to golf, I like to get massages.  Working together is so much fun though and it's refreshing to be professionals together for a few hours, then joke around on the way home. Parenting is hard sometimes, but we have two great kids, Walter is 3 years, Adeline is 17 months, and Baby #3 is coming this winter!  We love our families, the ocean, laughing, Notre Dame football, the Canoe House restaurant, being at home /when our kids are in a good mood/, Game of Thrones, boating, white wine /Sheri/, scotch /Phil/, teaching our toddlers how to play basketball, traveling and Chicago-style deep dish pizza. 




"Hello new friend, I'm Sarah. I grew up on a horse farm in a quaint country town in Lancaster, Pennsylvania but I've been traveling the world for the past four years. I'm from a family of nine children. Yes, nine. And, if I'm being honest right now, I'm thinking about eating a bacon cheeseburger with watermelon for dessert. I've never been one who's stellar at mathematics, but I think about every third sentence of mine ends in a song. And, I've been a wedding and portrait photographer for over six years and I love it. I don't see myself getting tired of the job any time soon. I think it's safe to say that I'll continue to capture stories as long as they're being told." 




"I have three favorite things: guacamole (with lime), meeting new friends, and creativity. These past four years, I've worked as the director of a documentary film team, as a fiction writer, and as a full-time fan of chips and guac (also salsa, always). I've had the joy of traveling to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe filming the lives of some incredibly inspiring people. A camera is a superb tool, and I'm fascinated by the stories it tells."